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Do I need a partner?

No, a partner is not required. There is a constant rotation of partners during the class as this is the best way to improve your partner dancing skills.

What do I need to wear?

What is most important are your shoes. Wear shoes with a smooth bottom sole. Nothing grippy or rubbery. Leather sole shoes are perfect. No running shoes, flip-flops or sandals. With ladies footwear, both heels or flats are suitable as long there have straps that are securely fastened. With regards to attire, just dress comfortably. Smart casual is good. Classes are conducted in a studio and hall, not a club.

Am I required to bring anything?

It's a good idea to bring a small towel and something to drink as well. I also recommend filming the moves you've learned. PLEASE NOTE: Filming is ONLY allowed at the end of a lesson when the moves are demonstrated and NOT during.

I can't attend all of the classes in the 6 week term. What are my options?

You can make up missed classes at either the Monday or Thursday venue. That is, you can do your classes once a week on either day during the week. Alternatively, you can book a private lesson to catch up.

I am a beginner with no dance experience. Which level is recommended?

RSDA Level One is the level that will teach you the essential fundamentals and give you the foundation required to set you on course for the upper levels.

Are classes still conducted on public holidays?

Yes, classes in the terms continue to run on public holidays but you can make up for missed classes at either the Monday or Thursday evening.

How do I make payment?

Cash. Credit Card, Bank Transfers & Paypal are available options on the website classes page, Cash, Card, Tap n Pay & Mobile payment options are at the studio.

Are missed classes and/or fees transferrable?

All class fees must be paid in full in one instalment prior to commencement of term, workshop or private lesson. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Classes booked cannot be suspended.



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